Dankoff Solar Pumps is more than a business-minded company that operates in the renewable energy industry.  We believe humanity must rethink and transform water and energy solutions in the next 25 years in order to withstand the crisis that will ensue for these vital resources.

For that reason, we provide water solutions that are solar-powered and, therefore, independent of any infrastructure, energy grid, or unsustainable power source (diesel-powered generator, etc). From pumping away stagnant water in order to prevent water-borne diseases when poverty, war, or natural disasters force people to live in crowded conditions, to providing fresh water supply for agricultural, livestock, or domestic purposes in remote areas, our solutions tackle challenges worldwide.


Windy Dankoff - Founder | DankoffSolarPumps.comThe Early Years

Dankoff Solar Pumps began with the work of Windy Dankoff in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Windy started business in 1977 to supply wind-generated electricity to remote (off-grid) homes.  In 1980, when photovoltaic panels became available, his was the first business in New Mexico to supply them to private homes. 

Read A Short History by Windy Dankoff to hear the story from Windy Dankoff’s point of view.