Inherent in the work of providing sustainable water solutions around the world, is work with organizations seeking to provide basic necessities to people, irrespective of war, natural disasters, lack of infrastructure, lack of wealth, or political associations.

Over our three decade history, Dankoff Solar Pumps has worked with dozens of such international aid organizations and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs).  For us, it is more than just a convenient addition to the business; it is our passion.  Philanthropy, through transforming the manner in which people attain water solutions, is one of our core values.

Below is contact information for each of our active partnerships.  Additionally, there are brief summaries of recent relief projects.

*Note: If you are a member of an international aid organization, and have an interest in utilizing our dependable water solutions in your own relief projects, please use the Contact Us tab to submit your information.




Waremme, Belgium





Imres b.v

Lelystad, Netherlands

+31 (0)320 29 69 69

Dankoff Solar Pumps’ partnership with Imres, a USAID and OFDA approved wholesaler, began in May of 2011 as Imres responded to the humanitarian crisis in the West African nation of Ivory Coast.  Imres dispatched various emergency shipments with pharmaceuticals, supplies and medical kits to be used in the refugee camps, both in country and in neighboring countries such as Liberia, to where thousands of displaced people have fled. 



Solar Electric Light Fund (SELF)

Washington, DC, USA




A Dankoff Solar Pumps certified installer presents:

a water purification solution to the Red Cross in Cambodia.  

The system utilizes our SolarForce Piston Pump

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