Time and again, we have provided dependable surface water solutions with a high level of professionalism.  The result is customer satisfaction that exceeds all expectations. Ask our customers about their experience with Dankoff Solar Pumps:

“We are closing in on 20 years of flawless service from your model 2507-12 Solar SlowPump.  The hum of the SlowPump kicking in is like hearing the voice of a dependable friend.  Thank you for bringing such a  superior product to market.”

-Thomas P. Griggs,  Micanopy, Florida

“I was very happy with the performance, longevity and virtually maintenance free aspect of my SlowPump that was installed and in use continually from 1986 until 2014. The brushes were replaced once in that 28 year time frame. The pump was used to pump water from our cistern to a pressure tank. I feel the pump was a great value and would recommend it to anyone looking for a solid performer.”

-Tom L.,  Ohio