A Value-Added Reseller (VAR) integrates our solutions into a proprietary product or system that is different in purpose and/or use from our original solutions.  Such companies vary from Dealers in that they do not wish to sell pumps or pump system components outside of their proprietary solutions.

Below is a listing of VARs and their contact information, as well as a brief summary of how they integrate Dankoff Solar Pumps into their unique solution.


Neiman Environments Inc.

Junction, TX



Neiman Environments Inc. dba Native American Seed incorporates our Flowlight Booster Pump into their rainwater harvesting system to produce both potable and non-potable water solutions.  Their total solutions are vital in the drought-stricken Heartland region of the USA and beyond.  A thorough and practical design earned them recognition in 2011, when they received the Texas Rain Catcher Award.